Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Big Brother 2011 - She spreads her legs for anyone

Obviously I know about the nominations FIX. There's no doubt it's an entertaining twist, but I'm not very happy with the result. I DO think Aaron is being picked on by Big Brother. If it had been Aaron and Harry up I would have been super livid. As it is, it feels like a fix to keep Jay in.
I find Tom a lot more attractive than I used to. I think he's feeling the same way about Alex!
I agree with what Harry and Aaron said about Jem. Did he say she's so not 'real' or 'regal'? Hard to tell with Harry.
Aaron has a room dedicated to Lego. Eek. I like hearing the inane conversations they never show in the highlights. Not-radamaus! Nearly, Jay.
Aaron's worried little face during these nominations was a sight to behold. 'Imagine if your mum nominates me.' Jem: 'that would be so amazing.' Nice. Classy lady.
Alex's mum's nominations were spot on! The sisters arguing IS tedious! It's interesting to see if the friends and family nominate people THEY want to nominate, or who they think the person in the house would want them to nominate.
I think Faye's mum is thick as shit for nomination Harry and Aaron - Faye's ALLIES. Idiot. It's also very cruel to Faye. I think it's appalling. Fuck Jem going 'I'm proud of her.' It's emotional blackmail and it's horrid; my mum would never do that to me. Give Faye some autonomy, ffs. No wonder she's so miserable with all these women trying to run her life for her.
Harry's girlfriend gave very polite nominations! Aaron is doing a thousand-yard stare right now. Bad buzz.
Jay's mum is talking turkey about Aaron. What IS his gameplan!? Him and tray BOTH treat each other bad. I'm glad she nominated Faye, though.
Jem is a disgrace! I hated her reaction to her boyfriend's nominations. Aaron is SEETHING.
Louise's mum having a dig at Louise to 'be good'. We know what that means, don't we? Poor Aaron. I don't think he deserves this. He can be a prick, but he doesn't deserve this much demonisation.
I liked Tom saying his mum's nomination was a bad choice. Aaron DOES create a negative vibe, but so DOES FAYE! Why is Faye getting away with EVERYTHING?!
Aaron has to remember that the public have given him the most votes to save a million times over so he'd be NUTS to walk. If I was Faye now I'd go hug Aaron. If she loves him she should go reassure him. She doesn't give a fuck about him!
Fuck off talking about what you saw outside, Jem, you're not allowed to talk about it! Get her out. She's a fucking bitch.
It is SOOOOO unfair the way they are talking about Aaron; is everyone else whiter than white? I think the parents are COLLUDING to get Aaron out because he's so popular. It's a fucking fix.
Faye, why don't you follow your heart and stop listening to everyone else. You can't can you, because you DON'T HAVE THE SPINE.
I hate the thought that Faye will be in the final, because she's absolutely horrible. She's a horrible person. Aaron is misguided, but he's NOT HORRIBLE. He's not a bad person. This is a conspiracy. If I was Faye I'd be saying, 'I'm so sorry my mum and my sister are complete heartless arseholes.' She says NOTHING!
Big Brother IS portraying Aaron in a bad light. He's a moody bugger, but he's intelligent, and he's a nice guy.
I hope Faye's mum is happy that she's made Faye too scared to go home, now. Faye: you can always bunk up in Aaron's Lego room. FOLLOW YOUR HEART. Who wants to let their HEAD rule their HEART? Rubbish!
Meanwhile Aaron is saying he's falling in love with her. Why? Who knows. I don't think she's got one redeeming feature.
Harry's right: trust your OWN instinct, not these fucked-up family members with an agenda.
Jem has come to the Diary Room TO GLOAT. It's not your decision to decide who's right for someone else. It's YOU with the negative attitude. I don't think I've ever seen a smile on her face. I'm gonna spend a quid evicting that gristly old nagging shrew this week. A quid!
Faye you are so pathetic dumping Aaron because your mum told you to. You going to jump off a cliff cos your mum told you to? Faye, in the words of Sheryl Crow, If it makes you happy... it can't be that bad. Oh.
I don't BLAME Aaron for wanting to leave after what they've done to him. They've stitched him up good and proper. Faye, don't let him go. Not in his teacher's fleece.
Big Brother, I hope you are happy, you awful, awful people. You've destroyed this show in so many different ways and now you're probably driving Aaron to suicide. I hope he tops himself in the kitchen and sinks your horrible little freakshow FOREVER!

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