Monday, 24 October 2011

Big Brother 2011 - Snog and grind

I'm surprised Faye defended Jay and Louise's under-cover antics when she's so worried about what people think. Maybe she thinks it takes the heat off her and Aaron's so-called relationship.
Sauna sex chat! Gross.
Louise and Jay having a snog and a grind! Gross. I guess that 'chemistry' kicked in (ie. desperation). I'm so bored of these 'romances'. Nomances!
Aaron calling Jem awkward. He can talk! They're both total oddballs.
Harry: 'my friends are prim and proper'. Why is he being a dick to Alex? Alex dealt with him nicely. She's quite funny.
I'm not even going to mention them bringing in people from the outside world for tasks any more, that ship has well and truly sailed. Grrrrrrr.
Tom was the best in that task. How come Louise gets a grotty fat man? Jay: 'she's got some tits on her.' VILE.
That conversation between Faye and Louise was very loaded. Especially considering they don't like each other. What's the point in whispering 'starting to fall for him'? Faye is sooooo uptight!
Harry is being SOOOOO rude to Alex! It is kind of funny, though. Why does he think he's too good for her! Who cares what mummy honeybunch thinks? Filler!
Aaron is feeling 35% love for Faye. is the other 65% unbridled hate? The coded conversations are so transparent.
Harry and Aaron are having a very dangerous conversation! They are always skirting around nomination chat.
What the hell is going on with Tom and Alex? I hope they don't snog because it will ruin a good friendship. It's kind of cute, though. I think they're just getting desperate. Either way; they're the most genuine couple in the house.

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