Saturday, 22 October 2011

Big Brother 2011 - Re-issue, repackage

Anton eviction: two highlights. One: Jem's face when she was saved. Two: Jay's face directly after. Twitchy isn't the word. Imagine being less popular than some hard-faced adjunct who's only been in there two weeks. Now that's the public really sending a strong message. I would have loved to have seen him go instead of Anton. The fact that Jay thought the public would be enthralled by all their crypt claptrap says a lot about his taste in entertainment.
Anton was good in his interview, and left a classy goodbye speech. Brian let himself down a bit by crawling up his arse. Besides, I don't think sexism was Anton's defining feature. It was being an enormous prick.
Villain villain villain villain villain villain villain villain villain villain villain villain villain bye.
What is this week long catch up for? Stop pandering to 'casual viewers'. There are no 'casual viewers'. But you're in danger of making your regular viewers casual.
OMG I literally can't believe that this has been all recap so far. WTF am I supposed to write my blog about? They are taking us for absolute cunts. As if it's not embarrassing enough admitting to people that you still watch Big Brother, about five years after everyone else did, now they are taking us for complete mugs, too. I'm actually appalled. If I miss a TV show, I don't expect that next time I tune in everyone else who did watch it should have to sit through someone patronisingly telling me what I missed. I just catch the fuck up. It's not exactly The Wire, is it?
My boyfriend just said they give us so little anyway, and to take more away is just unfair. It's true, it's like they're picking on us! Where's the logic?
In that insulting recap, I hadn't actually seen Tom getting Harry's letter, or Faye pathetically going 'I really like you' to Aaron.
Jay is devastated, yeah, devastated that he got beats by Jem.
Faye's drunk and being a dick again. Another row! Boo. Go hide under your covers again, Aaron.
Are they or aren't they allowed to talk about nominations now? Who knows.
Jem: 'At some point tomorrow I'd like to have a chat with you.' Scary! Aaron shouldn't say those bridges are burnt- if you love someone you make an effort with their family. It's your duty, no matter how awful they might be, and Jem did offer to talk to him about it, albeit in a threatening way. That proves to me that Aaron doesn't care one jot about Faye.
Why has Faye got some hat from Downton Abbey hat on? Why when Faye says 'I really like you' does it sound like a threat?I just glaze over when Louise and Jay are on.
Eww to Jay staring in the mirror while cuddling Louise; gross. And were they shagging at the end? The thing is... I just don't care anymore. A new low in the BB legacy tonight.

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