Monday, 17 October 2011

Big Brother 2011 - Off the peg

I wouldn't say romance was dead in that house but 'Jay for Loo' allegedly written in blood doesn't really do it for me. Anton: 'I'm either a villian or an antihero.' Tom: 'No, you're just a dick.'
Aaron is going to treat Faye like a princess. Is that the princess with a good work ethic? Yes, like Cinderella, he's going to lock her in a cupboard and make her do some sweeping. Mind you, she deserves it.
I'm sick of Aaron and Faye and I'm sick of Jay and Louise. At least that kiss looked passionate between Aaron and Faye. Louise and Jay are more like doggers. In fact, they probably WILL be doggers when they get out. High class doggers.
LOl to Aaron covering up his snogging by moaning about frosted fucking flakes. Love Harry's acerbic digs!
UH OH! Aaron's not happy about Faye's nipple piercing talk! There's gonna be hell to pay. He's never going to make her cry again? We'll see. He's probably made her cry again before the end of this blog.
What is Louise going on about? I don't think she knows what day of the week is.
Jay 'I never thought I was going to come in here and win Big Brother.' Rubbish! He can make friends in an empty room? Hmm, depends how fussy the room is. Still, nice to see Jay and Aaron chatting (I think).
I'd be wary of Aaron, too, if I was Jem. She should wrestle him to the ground and find out what his intentions are.
That jumper Aaron is wearing! WTF is he thinking, he looks like a school teacher. And what's going on with his beard? It's gone a bit Noel-Edmonds-during-Deal-or-No-Deal-live-week.
These love messages are fucking try hard! Tragic. You can't make someone love you with a straw or tin foil. Some gaffer tape and a chainsaw and we might be talking.
Jay and Louise are actually getting quite creepy now. Did Jay just use the word 'epiphany'? Howway man! Was that it? Bit of a dull one tonight. No, not my blog, the show!

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