Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Big Brother 2011 - We've grafted all day fighting Yetis

What's all this echoey recapping? Can we just see some new clips, please.
Alex shouldn't admit to Anton that she nominated him. Have you ever heard an intelligent person say 'because obviously I'm intelligent'? Do you think Einstein walked round extolling his own virtues and wearing a 'Wasn't Me' cap?
Bad atmosphere in that house today. The reason Anton's gone mad is because he's lost control and he's lost it badly. I still don't think he'll go, though. I think it'll be Aden.
Snow theme! What's up with Alex? I don't like things that are 'character building.' My character's built.
Aaron's got mirrors on his ceiling. Is that for wanking? He likes the work ethic of what Disney princess? The way Faye goes 'are you kinky?' is like 'have you got herpes?' No, I just like missionary position only Faye, once a week for the rest of our miserable life! Happy now, dear?
Jay was pretty close on the skiing task! Hehe. BB could be bullshitting about him being under time for all we know. I hope so.
Aaron: 'I bought into the concept of us.' Smooth.
Anton: 'Aaron's just a natural dickhead.' That's rich coming from him! I'm glad Louise stood up to him. I think Anton might stab someone soon. Hope it's Jay.
Beware the yellow snow. Ugh they made her eat cow urine? Surely that's against health and safety? She didn't look too pleased about that. Not sure why she tried it again, though.
I don't really like this task, or any elaborate task like this. I prefer the ones where they pull their personalities to bits, or when they just leave things to happen organically. But they never do that anymore.
I sleep with my contacts in, unlike that willyhole Aden. They just stick to my eyes after. Hardcore!
Who's in the Yeti suit? I reckon Holy Moly dude off BOTS. Brrrrrrrrap!
WTF is up with Anton? I think he's going to start clucking like a chicken in a minute. Spiteful little shit. He did well on that task, though, it looked hard.
Is it me or does Jay look quite sexy when they flash up that photo of him? Weird.
Oh god, not more shopping list gripes. Boring! Jay, you've not 'grafted all day fighting yetis', you went on a ski machine for half an hour.
Aaron: 'well done for climbing Ben Nevis but once again you've made a bit of an idiot of yourself.' True, dat. DOES good beat evil every time? Freddy Krueger says otherwise.
My boyfriend just came up with a title for my blog 'ava-lunch'. Too late!

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