Thursday, 27 October 2011

Big Brother 2011 - It's been absolutely fantastic

Sorry I'm late, we went to Tesco and it dragged on a lot, but not as long as the Faye and Aaron saga (correct word).
God, is Jem still there? Let's wrap this shit up and move on. She's a piece of work and she doesn't deserve the oxygen, much less the airtime.
What is that bit they're showing with Aaron and Faye arguing last night? We never saw that! What were they arguing about, was it the Range Rover? Another big gap they're not bothering to show us, instead showing us Jem threatening to leave 70 billion times. Zzzzzzzzzzzz.
I think Aaron is being a bit unfair to Aaron; a lot of young girls go 'I want x kids and this house' and all that bullshit. It doesn't mean anything, it's just idle chat.
My Sky TV just died then and we were just going to make up what happened in the rest of the episode but we resurrected it somehow. I sort of wish I hadn't as it's 24/7 Jem. Just proves what a selfish bitch she is to go even knowing that it put Faye at risk. I actually cared about that yesterday, but I don't today, because this story has been done to death. Once I've seen someone on BOTS I'm not really interested in what happened in the house because it's old news.
Glad Alex and Tom are still getting on. I wish they showed a lot more of the humour in the house.
Faye can't even bear his own company when he's having a poo!
Doesn't Faye get hat hair when she wears those stupid hats? I've got a hat a bit like that (despite calling it stupid) and it makes my fringe go mental.
Jem talking to camera. Jem talking at all. Just go away. God, this Big Brother is dire. Is she going to pack her own bag or just order someone else to do it for her like Mark did?
It's a bit late for the motivation speeches, Jem, after you've been in there and broken her. She's a manipulative motherfucker.
I'm so glad they didn't just put Harry and Aaron up, that would have sucked so bad. It does feel like the 'big guns' are up now, and I sincerely hope Faye goes. I'm really worried that Harry might be a bit vulnerable now.
If that's Jem's idea of an 'absolutely fantastic' time I'd hate to see her having an emotional breakdown. She doesn't deserve 'best bits'. She came, she made Faye cry, she left. She could have just stayed one more day, she would have been evicted anyway.
I couldn't drink that cinnamon shot! Yuck, look at all that powder! Ick.
I wonder what they're going to play at this rave, I hope it's Darude and Zombie Nation. It's like a 90s rave every night round my friend Adam's house, musically. So who do we reckon are the real pillheads? I reckon Jay, Aaron and Tom. Faye would be anti (obviously). I don't think Alex needs it.
You never see them in the pool, do you? Because it's October, I guess!
Who designs the McDonalds uniforms? Hamburglar or Jasper Conran? Could be either. What 'dirty' tunes did they play? Bass in the place? Josh Wink? Sonique? Born Slippy? Not fucking FAITHLESS, surely? Glow stick it up your arse!

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