Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Big Brother 2011 - Doll (de)parts

'What's meant to be is meant to be.' Almost as duff as 'it is what it is'.
Mark seems quite a tragic figure, really. So why is he really leaving? Was it that he couldn't keep up the act? Perhaps he'd run out of material. It's a shame in a way that we never got to see the 'real' him, but I have an inkling if he'd done the full stretch, we would still never have seen it. Maybe he's just as shallow as Maisy. But him walking says otherwise. Something was going on up there, but who knows what?
I guess the toy factory task is better than doing nothing. Maisy pronounced 'reject bin' as weirdly as Jeremy Kyle pronounces 'lie detector'-with the emphasis in exactly the wrong place.
On Digital Spy today someone said they wanted to 'give their TV screen a good wipe after Jay had been on it' which tickled me. It will never be clean!
The task 'twist' is quite funny. Who will twig first? Let's be honest, probably none of them. Tom's little face as he was stuffing those bears; pure determination.
Why has Jay been given a pen and paper? Besides, I thought he was illiterate. He'll probably try to eat it or fuck it.
Doll part fight! They should play Hole over that montage.
Ad break. I have NEVER watched an episode of Friends and NEVER WILL! Everyone in it is insufferable! And yes, I say that watching Big Brother. I'm bold!
Who made Jay the boss anyway? And put Aden and Anton as his henchmen? Aaron is taking his frustrations out on the dolls. Aden bossing Aaron about was pathetic. I liked Aaron just ignoring him. What's up with Aden? You don't call your workforce 'a fucking wanker' or' a prick'. I still have almost no idea what's going on, another dodgy edit tonight.
'Jack, ace, king, queen, no, no, no, no, no, no,no...' as Morrissey once sang. Followed atrociously by 'aces doing time... jack's are doing fine' by Placebo. I can't think of any more playing card related songs, can you?
Lol to Aaron's 'I think this is about the promotion' when they got called to the office for tell off times. 'Blues brothers' was also pretty funny. I like Harry more every day. Mind you, compared to that house full of tossers, I'd like pretty much anyone. The house needs a serious overhaul as all these conflicting personalities worked well at first, but have basically now run out of steam. Did Jay just say 'disobedience'? That's a long word for a very thick man.
Is Mark leaving because of 'the cameras'? I think he must be dying for a wank. I think 'end of my sell by date' is right, he's phrased it correctly. I think I would have stuck it out in the hope of the 100K. How many times in life are you going to have a one in 12 or less chance of winning that cash?
Anton will be THRILLED that Mark is leaving. I think he knows he's quite popular.
Mark: 'I don't want to be filmed no more.' Everyone: 'what are you on about?' as if that's an alien concept. I know how Mark feels when you feel like your time somewhere is done. He can't even sneak off without saying goodbye, like I do on most nights out. I'd hate everyone going on at me to stay. Once you know you've got to go, you've got to go. I felt like that on a cruise ship on the River Nile once, and called my mum who got me on a plane home the next day (she had cash in those days, ! wonder where it all went!). Sometimes, you'd just got to go. I understand completely.
Tom looked genuinely upset and Aaron did his introverted sit-in-a-corner schtick. Mark: 'it's not you, it's the cameras.' Even Jay is crying! The producers must be quite worried. If the clown leaves the party, what are you left with? It's going to be like a wake. Even when someone they hate goes they get sad.
Aw, Tom and Alex crying in the loo was so cute. Their friendship is so lush. And Aden giving Jay a cuddle! Really sweet.
What? Mark 'can't not be the centre of attention'?! That really is sad. It's nice that everyone is so upset and loves him so much. He has to leave now just to save face! I get the feeling once he makes up his mind, that's it.
Wow, emotions are running high in that house! I hope Mark gets what he wants, whatever it is. And I hope we get what we want: new housemates (and live feed *said in very fast voice to indicate small print*)

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