Sunday, 16 October 2011

Big Brother 2011 - Frosted flakes food fight fiasco

Imagine waking up to the frosted flake aftermath! I hate the way Aaron stomps around making people feel uncomfortable. I hate people who put their mood onto everyone else.
Tom is soooo right about Aaron, he doesn't know when to stop. 'Mortified'? Get a grip. I'd hate to see how he reacts when something really mad happens. He's worse that Vinnie Jones in a way, because it's all so insidious. I could NOT go out with a moody man; I'd stab him to death within a week. I'd prefer all-out bile to that.
If it's not Frosties, then it's the letter bomb of love that will bring us together. I like these shit-stirring tasks. Jay is reading Anton's letter like a six-year-old reads out their homework. Lucky it didn't have any words over three syllables in it.
I liked the 'Lego bricks' comment. Bit harsh. Willy, willy, willy (revived). I think I'd like to see Aaron go this week, even though I've voted to save him many times. I'm fed up with him. It's just plain rude not listening to people's letters; they are human beings, frosted flakes or otherwise. Nice 'f' alliteration, Marcus Bentley.
He doesn't give a shit about Faye if they're really breaking up over some Frosties. Aaron, you are pissing all the good will the public have for you up the wall.
Harry's gone BOOM! Jay is going to be in the bad books. Damn, I wanted to hear more 'honeybunch' stuff. I would have been more interested in that than any of the others!
Imagine having a mirror straight in front of the toilet! No one wants to look at themselves having a shit. And if it's because there's a camera behind there, that's even worse.
Jay's mum wrote a nice message, quite eloquent to have spawned him. Aw, Alex is so cute speculating what would have been in his letter from home.
I honestly think Aaron should shove that letter from home up his arse. Although I think Faye is enjoying having the moral high ground. I like her jumper, though.
This conversation between Anton and Aaron is cringy. Anton should stay as he is - a prize prat. Going to the final? We'll see!
What was Jay alluding to then? Is he saying he slept with Louise?! A gentleman? I don't think so!
Wow, it's only 10pm. Two extra hours before bed! *eats popcorn*

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