Thursday, 20 October 2011

Big Brother 2011 - I don't want to see a ghost, rather have a piece of toast

I'm a bit fed up cos I missed the first 10 minutes and I hate watching things late. I normally just refuse to watch them at all because I'm cut-off-your-nose-to-spite-my-face like that. I like Alex's zombie look, this is making me want to watch the Walking Dead. The make-up is quite decent.
Faye looked like she had a wet bum in the DR. Aaron is aroused by the zombie look! Anton and Jay are enjoying a good eyeful, too. I think Anton is so gutted that he never got off with anyone in that house, it's poisoned him.
'A full effort!' Aaron is like a virtual Shakespeare. It's like deja vu with him and Faye, are they/ aren't they/ who cares.
This film premier looks like a star-studded event. Angelina? Cruise? Shia LaBeouf, even? No, it's Lucien Laviscount and Bobby Sable. Alex Reid aint even there.
I just texted my friend to find out what happened in the first 10 mins and she said she was napping. How can you nap through the crypt twist, this TV bronze?
I hope Paranormal Activity 3 is better than 1 which just involved a creaking door and a couple so interminable you were praying for them to die, and quickly.
Alex looks good as a zombie. She's pissing me off being so scared of nothing, though. She's losing brownie points here.
Jay and Anton are trashing the garden. They are getting Evil Dick heavy metal music like they play in BBUSA when someone goes crazy. A cushion in a tree? They'll know Jay is the culprit.
Aaron is going to go bananas about that mess. Hope he enjoyed that creaky door 3.
What a load of non-seance! I'm ouija bored. No, I'm not really, I just wanted to use some bad puns. They should have played Ouija Board by Morrissey over this bit.
LOL to how unshocked they all looked when Anton and Jay popped up. Thought Jay and Anton were going to 'play it ghoul'?
Smart move by Anton to put Jem up. It's who do you think you can beat, isn't it? 'Faye and Anton just got together'? Rilly?
I HATE Jay and Anton lording it over everyone, it's gross. Jay alluding to something and then not saying what is pathetic. How can Jem trust Jay? Him and Anton just put her up! Why would Faye and Jem believe what Jay said, anyway?
How dare Harry be 'energetic and excited' in the DR!? Evict him immediately. Aaron: 'I don't know what to believe.' Believe your friend.
Jay: 'Faye needs to pipe down a bit'. You can fucking talk, you absolute prick. I'd love to see this cunt go out this week.
Anton's behaviour is giving me a bad feeling in my stomach. Louise, you are thick if you're believing this bullshit. I hate this hatchet job they are doing on Harry, it's so unfair. Just don't FALL FOR IT!
Why is Faye digging Aaron out about Jem? Shouldn't she trust her OWN BOYFRIEND? God, this lot deserve each other, they really do. Save Harry!
PS: I'm off out tomorrow night (shocking stuff) so there may not be a blog. See you at the weekend, zombinos.

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