Sunday, 9 October 2011

Big Brother 2011 - Toothbrush talk

Recap, recap, recap, it's worse than Watchdog.
'The gag reflex of a trouper' - has she got a medal for that? Hmm, my netbook just died. Now I'm on my laptop that cuts out every 15 minutes. This should be fun. I also have a computer with a bust monitor. Technology isn't on my side this weekend.
Can't believe they coined Alex a 'floater', apparently that term was coined in BBUSA by Rachel. So someone's been watching that.
Aaron ignoring Jay is getting ridiculous now.
I didn't like Jem alluding to Aaron being like a dick in the diary room. That is basically talking about the outside world. Now Faye is giving him a grilling! So unfair. Then she goes on about him 'being a gentleman' in bed, and then goes 'let's not talk about it!' You started it, you arsehole! God, I hate the way she operates.
I wouldn't like Jem coming in and grilling me. She shouldn't make comments about Aaron being a 'player' because theoretically she shouldn't know that. Only she could make 'I'm really looking forward to getting to know you' sound like a threat. Who the fuck does she think she is? She's got about as much warmth as a stalagmite.
Push the button! Don't push the button. The way Faye and Jem talk to each other is almost as appalling as the music they keep playing in the house. Now I understand why they put Jem in; not as a treat, but to drive Faye mad.
Harry's dancing is wicked. I love watching people dance badly.
Liked Anton not falling for Faye's 'joke'. I thought jokes were meant to be funny. If I found out my sister had been grilling my 'boyfriend', I'd be pissed off.
I think I need a translator for Jay tonight, he's talking complete gibberish. Fucking hell, have we got Australians doing the Big Brother voice now? This country really has gone to the dogs! (Just kidding, Angela.)
So did Louise sack Jay off yet, or not? If not, when?
Christ, do we have to hear about Jem's dreams now? Spare me. She sees Aaron as a nocturnal animal in his hole! Lol. Faye and Aaron are in their honeymoon period? If I paid for that honeymoon, I'd be asking for my money back.
Louise, stop being so weak willed! Tell him he's coming on too strong.
Dammit I thought Jem was going to nominate Jay, not befriend him! Yeah, they are similar; big-headed, boneheaded oiks. I hope Jem doesn't nominate Aaron.

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