Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Big Brother 2011 - Discrimination station nominations!

I've managed to avoid the nomination results, somehow (well, easily, because no one's watching it). Hate seems quite evenly spread so who knows who would be up this week.
LOL to Mark getting sick of his own act. if he's sick of it, how does he think we feel? Note, anyone self proclaimed 'odd/ weird/ crazy' is normally the most boring motherfucker on the planet. The maddest person I know thinks she's perfectly normal. And she has Fred and Rose tattooed on her toes (she doesn't watch BB so I should get away with this - besides, she's lush).
This Guillemots song has been going through my head all day, and I want to dedicate it to Faye:
'And to those of you who moan your lives through one day to the next, well let them take you next/ can't you live and be thankful you're here, cos it could be you tomorrow next year..' Listen and learn from Fyfe Dangerfield, young lady.
Wow, that was interesting seeing Jay let rip at Aaron (well, behind his back). He's right about Aaron, though. Why is Mark talking through his fingers? Oh, for God's sake, Aaron, Jay didn't mean anything by it. People say fucking stupid things sometimes, but you can normally seperate the race hate from the boneheadedness, unless you DELIBERATELY don't want to. Not that I'm suggesting that (much!) I'm starting to think Faye and Aaron deserve each other, it's like one giant sulking competition. Which Aaron is winning.
Mark, people can still tell you're talking, and people can still hear you. Stop attention seeking. Aaron, you can only win this thing if you get a grip and pull yourself together, you're being a complete freakshow. Remember when he came in the house, all cock of the walk? Look at him now - he's gibbering.
How come they aren't confined to a smoking area this year? Mega bad buzz in the house today. Aaron is going to be SO up for nomination today. 'I can't even LOOK at them at the moment.' It's not the first time I've heard him come out with that melodramatic claptrap. Fucking hell, Aaron, at my writing group alone we've got black people, foreign people (I know, it's London, mad innit), people in wheelchairs, drunks, nutters, psychopaths. If I took offence on behalf of all that lot every day I'd be hospitalised. I hear more offensive things than that in my mother's living room.
Glad Harry nominated Faye. Kick her aht! All female nominations. I guess Harry's not used to being around women.
Fucking hell man, my cat Towie keeps switching my lamp off and on and he's driving me NUTS! Let me enjoy these nominations! Why is Maisy putting talc in her hair. I like her hair. Maybe I should try it.
Aden, you immature little boy. You got a LOT to learn! Yay, Faye's racking up a few votes. LOL she nominated Aaron. Hilarious. 'I really like you' - not much. Faye vs Aaron eviction? I'd pay to see it.
Yay more votes for Faye for her drink dramas. Get her up. Interested Jay didn't nominate Aaron but nominated Mark for 'licking crotch'. Pecking order nominations!
Louise nominates Maisy again for 'watching her'. Yes, more Faye noms! I thought they all loved Faye! They don't, they're just appeasing her grumpy old guts and now it's time to take revenge.
[Aaron going on about] this joke isn't funny anymore! Tom and Alex are flying RIGHT under that radar this week.
Faye overthinks things? Never. LOL Faye's almost got a full house this week. I'm thrilled. I think it will do Faye good to come out and 'know herself' and how she comes across to others.
Anton nominated Maisy? I guess that birthday kiss never happened then. Shocker!
Faye and Maisy up! Wish it wasn't two girls, to be honest. And will Faye even go over Maisy? Maisy is quite odious and completely shallow. I mean, what have we learnt about her in the past few weeks? Fuck all. And the worst part is, they'll ship new women houseguests in, but not men! We need some new male blood, badly!
I like the way Harry and Aaron amuse themselves with Alex, it's quite sweet and reminds me of having older brothers. I don't think for one minute think Alex thinks Willy Wonka is real. She's having them on as much as they're having her on.
Louise: 'I think non-stop, me.' Jay: 'do you normally have one person for cuddles and that?' Is that like a fuck buddy? I can see a solution to this problem. Cuddle each other! Louise: 'do you put mats down when you have a brew?' I love that this is her gold standard of someone with a posh house. Super cute.
Oh, god when Faye and Maisy find out they're up they're going to be even more horrendous than normal. How did Aaron dodge that bullet? Even he's shocked! Aaron, this isn't about you right now. Oh I forgot. Everything is about you, always.
Mark is like a little moping monkey in that bath. Why is Aaron shaking his head? Shouldn't he say 'are you OK?' to Faye?
'If it's my time to go, it's my time to go!' Hilarious, that's a proper BBUSA-ism.
DID Aaron nominate Faye and Maisy? No. He nominated Jay and Anton! Aaron sooo doesn't like it when Tom stands up to him. Why can't everyone just toe the line and run around after him like Mark does, hey?
How does ANTON dodge that bullet every week, too? He's the biggest knob on the planet, the biggest cunt to have EVER walked through those doors, worse than Mario (health and safety, not mole), Vinnie Jones, Sam Pepper, Alex *pow pow pow*, Marco, Anthony Hutton, Charley, Sezar and Tina Malone combined.
I hope Faye goes this week, and I hope she realises that it's not Aaron's fault, it's hers. Yes you snogged someone, so you're a 'hussy'. Who even uses the word 'hussy'? I'm a feminist and I'd rather be called a slag, at least it's honest. But you're not a slag for kissing someone, ffs. In fact, on Channel 5 you're barely a slag if you participate in a spitroast. Just do it with a fucking smile on your face and we won't even mind.

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