Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Big Brother 2011 - Wolf pack (your bags)

Guillemots wake up call! I love Guillemots. Makes a nice change from David Guetta. Oh, God, Louise realised she doesn't connect with Jay whatsoever. She is leading him down the garden path a bit then, and she needs to tell him right now, as it's a bit unfair. This Guillemots song is called 'I don't feel amazing now.' Apt.
I've also never seen her with mascara down her face. Reassuring for us mortals. Look at Jay's boxers! I can see Peter Stringfellow in those babies.
I don't think she should get into bed with someone who she just wants to be friends with. Break it to him, and see if he jumps on Jem. I wouldn't be surprised.
Oh, she's actually telling him. That's brave. Not sure he's listening. 'There's no chemistry but I like snogging you.' Mixed messages.
I like Tom's emaciated little body. Is that wrong? Aaron is stirring the pot. Ulterior motive!
I haven't found out the nominations this week. I'm surprised they're not letting Jem nominate! I think her nominations might have counted this week.
I don't like this nomination talk, as it advantages Anton's crew. Faye wants to nominate Louise? What's the point?
Is the osmosis effect 'if you hang around with shit, you'll be shit'? That's not what my science teacher told me. No wonder I only got a C in my GCSE.
Pleeeeeeeaaaase let Anton be up this week! Harry's not that stupid, Anton, you transparent fuck. Anton looks like fucking Zippy today. He looks like you could stick your arm up his neck and use him as a puppet.
Anton needling Harry to find out who he voted for. As if Aaron would vote for Harry! You douche, Anton.
Harry is getting away with banana-gate quite well. Tom looks nice today, I like his hair.
OMG I would kill to see Aden vs Anton. Aaron got the nominations pretty much spot on. Anton is such a TOOL!
Aden is so inconsequential now, he's like a little fucking bug crawling around with a hat on, giggling at Anton's sexism.
Aaron and Harry's patronising Alex corner. She's having none of it.
I'll be very interested to see this eviction. I think people will vote to save Aaron and some meatheads will vote to save Jay. Aden, Anton and Faye are all vulnerable, I think.
If people are booing Jay he'll walk straight out! Bold words. I'm almost tempted to go down there and boo myself.
Anton is sweating about this eviction and I like it. Aaron forgave Faye quickly for nomming him. Harry's clothes are a treat. My boyfriend said he's wearing Ben Duncan's cast-offs. i actually know someone who wears clothes like that in real life, my friend's FIANCE (not yours, Lopez).
Aden, at least Louise told you she nominated you. I wouldn't even waste a vote on you, you're so pointless. He's like those see no evil monkeys, except he's 'speak more bullshit' monkey.
Anton's stirring! Anton is so out of touch with Harry's real feelings it's untrue; even Louise can see through it. Anton is 100% the biggest buffoon to ever walk through those doors.
Aden, you pathetic little weasel, just go and get your heart trampled on by Rebeckah and STFU. I'm sick of the sight of you.
We think Alex can win it. What do you think?

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