Sunday, 23 October 2011

Big Brother 2011 - What will our friends and family say?

I wasn't even going to bother to write this blog today cos I thought if the producers are going to treat me like a cunt, why should I bother publicising their rotten little show? But then I saw they were showing the audition tapes and changed my mind - turncoat!
I think the problem with Aaron and Faye is that they fancy each other but they don't like each other. Jem is always 'what will our friends and family think' - who knows, maybe one person might think one thing, one person might think another, rather than being one homogeonous lump of judgement! Ever considered that?
The way Jem is eating her breakfast is making me feel physically sick and the fact she's eating it in bed isn't helping.
Did Jay just said 'I didn't ride her' about having sex with someone? Women aren't fucking horses! What a loathsome man. How can Louise sit there giggling, dead-eyed and pretend she fancies that, when she doesn't, and if she does, she needs to change her medication.
Oh Faye, just fucking leave already you immature, manipulative, pathetic little parasite. Affecting your Big Brother experience? Your affecting my Big Brother experience with your dreary drab face, your whinging monotone voice and your cold unpleasant sister. Why don't you both just fuck off?
Rowing task. What is this music they're playing over the top of it, I feel like I'm stucking a Nintendo game (window pane). Four hours rowing!
Aaron telling Louise and Jay he took his wife's name when they got married (well, went double-barrelled) and Louise went 'I've never heard of that before.' WTF! I am literally agog. Just how thick is this bitch? Then she goes 'I won't change my name then' and caveman Jay goes 'yeah you will.' Yeah and put his fucking tea on and do his washing whilst you're at it, and no you're not going out with your friends and why have you got all that make up on? *puts head in hands* *gnashes teeth*
That has probably shocked me more than anything I've seen this series. Go on Louise, 'spit out' those babies, be a good girl. Do you think she's ever even heard of feminism? Do you think she's ever even had a boyfriend make her a cup of tea or give her more than three minutes foreplay? She probably thinks it's Christmas when she gets oral sex or allowed out for the night, she's so fucking subservient.
Sorry, I'm in quite a bad news tonight, so I'm on a bit of a bile roll. The problem is, there's almost no one to champion in the house.
'I could still do the task, I just can't be bothered etc'. Clearly. I'm just waiting for Jay to get upset about being beaten by a girl. It must be hard to do that for eight hours. I wouldn't last eight fucking minutes. I love Alex! She was determined.
Aaron shaking his head when Faye's video was showing is a bit rich considering he slagged off 'gobby women' and called himself a womaniser. I don't think Aaron and Faye can really have a go at each other about the audition videos, as they both came across as absolute cocks. That won't stop them, though, obviously.
Aaron is stewing on something! How can he say he's a ladies man if he's not had sex in seven years! I smell bullshit. I know they lie on their vids, but he is too shady.
What ARE Jay and Louise doing under those covers? Not hiding from their brothers, that's for sure!
Jem moaning about wanting to leave is a bit ungrateful after the public voted to save her. Just leave if you want to leave and stop hanging it over people's heads. Piss off and take your comedy hats with you!
What will our friends and family say? What will our friends and family say? What will our friends and family say? What will our friends and family say? What will our friends and family say? So Jem is going to leave because Faye's smoking? Chuck her in the pool. Fucking hell, the emotional blackmail going on right there! Families, hey! That unconditional love knows no bounds. That blood really is thicker than water - really, really thick. Do we have to watch quite so much of this? It's boring as fuck.
Jem 'I don't think I should stay for the people who voted.' I'm glad I didn't vote for that cunt. Ungrateful bitch.
If you really want to go and they're giving you that 'go sleep on it' shit I'd just start banging my head against the wall, it's not a fucking prison. I'm always looking to make my exit in any given situation. Or just go spit on someone. Or call them dish out some race hate. That seems to have worked in the past. Oh no, they can't do that, they've voted out all the black people. And almost all the women. Jay McCaveman and his limpet girlfriend FTW!

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