Friday, 13 June 2008

Big Brother 9: Stephanie Evicted

What is Davina wearing? It's rankazoid.
NB. On the live feed today I heard Dale say 'On the sly I fancy indie girls'. Indie girls; you have been warned.
Jennifer: 'When Alex argues, it's funny.' Really? I must have had my funny-bone removed. Jennifer and Dale, this years Ziggy and Chanelle, except more shallow, have less chemistry than Ken and Barbie, and they're also considerably thicker.
Why did Lisa say she was a housemaid? Weird! She sits around with a very smug look on her face at all times, it's kind of annoying. NOTHING phases her.
Dunno why they played the Ting Tings to a bunch of chavs as they obviously didn't know it. Dennis's dance routine made me cringe.
And so Steph got the boot. Typical British public, ditch the pretty girl. I think I would have preferred it to be Mario after all. I mean I'd rather watch Steph snog Dale/Rex than Mario and Lisa rutting. Blergh. And that was a bit of a swizz with Davina doing the result from the studio, so the house couldn't hear the 'get Alex out' chants. Why should Alex get special treatment? She's a twat! Boo.
Aw Steph looked well nice when she came out. Hasn't she got nice teeth? She is stupid though; Mario was JOKING in the diary room about loving her. I quite liked the new studio.
So there's been a rumour on on digital spy that Mario and Lisa aren't a real couple either? And Davina did seem to be labouring on that point tonight a bit? Watch this space. Well, not this one. But the one on your telly.
But all in all... a pretty boring eviction. Bring on Alex. Bring on the baying for blood. Remember I told you!

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