Saturday, 21 June 2008

Big Brother 9: Dripping Wet

I felt sorry for Mo tonight. Jennifer's suggestion for him to 'eat vegetarian' showed a complete lack of respect; he's not a vegetarian, he's a Muslim. Rex was being a bit of a div too- megalomaniac.
I hate Sylvia! She's a right troublemaker then pretends to be all innocent. At least Alex unapologetically nailed her colours to the mast. Sylvia was completely rude to Mikey and completely spoiling for a row. Mikey (plus horse) is a complete sour-puss, though. He's sleeping in the day and whining when people are making noise. You're on Big Brother, not in a nursing home.
Rachel permanently has a frown on her face, she's taking the weight of the world on her shoulders. I wish she'd just relax (or grown a fringe).
I know Rex, Mikey and Mario are going to be up next week and Mario will go. I don't want Mario to go! The majority of the group (Sylvia, Dennis, Dale (still not nailed any fanny), Darnell, Jennifer) are UTTER dullards. I don't want to look at them for another two and a half months (although I know I'll have to). I find Luke a little disappointing in group situations at times too. He's fun in the diary room, but a little duplicitous.
Poor Dale, crying because people hate him because he's just too good-looking. My heart is doing a Leona Lewis as we speak. His scunt was ridiculous, it looked like a sari he'd pilfered from somewhere. Also, stop sticking your tongue out. You look utterly gormless.
Stuart- mascara! Mascara and beards do not happy bedfellows make. He looks like Brian Molko with that mascara on. I find him physically repulsive. Dunno what the fuss is about. Had something gone on with him and Sylvia in the auditions? Personally I don't believe a word she says. Maybe she'll start behaving herself now to try and impress the new bloke. I feel sorry for her boyfriend though. Not exactly subtle jumping into the bath with beardy the first night.
Dale: 'The girls are all dripping wet... he's come in to slap a big dick in my face.' Charmed, I'm sure!
Jennifer in the bath rubbing her boobs and flashing her leg... subtle! Then Sylvia in bed with Stuart on the first night! She was giving off mad bunny-boiler vibes! 'I'm going to my bed now... give me a hug.' That was fucked. She just booked herself a one-way ticket home. Good!
I bet he's frightened for his life now. Cool, we need a Michelle Bass/Craig/Antony situation! Public humiliation is the best.

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