Monday, 23 June 2008

Big Brother 9: Eye to Eye

Another SHIT edit from the producers, what exactly sparked that row with Mo and Dennis? Who was right, who was wrong? I'll never know. Therefore, I don't care. Like with the Sylvia 'Mo wants us to pretend to be a couple' thing: we never found out if he really said it, so I presume not. Mohamed seems very sad, and Dennis is a twat, that's all I see. Get over yourself Dennis, you demonic little troll. I feel like everyone is just ganging up on Mo very subtly now and he's going to have to shape his afro into devil's horns or a middle finger gesture to fight back. The fake fight was weird, but funny.
Cupgate! Hehe. Did Mikey have his willy in it? Can we view the tape? Bleurgh! Darnell handled that situation beautifully. Jennifer was extremely patronising.
Dale: 'Like panto... people on stage singing and dancing... I don't know what they call that.' Boy genius, so glad he was training to be a teacher.
I love the way Mario and Lisa talk to each other, the dynamic is so different to anything else in the house. It was like they were sizing Stuart up for a threesome.
Forcing them to stare at Beardy Brian Molko for an hour was beautifully cruel. I was impressed with some of their paintings, they were quite nice. Jennifer did have a face like thunder when Sylvia was presenting, I thought BB was making up that storyline but maybe not.
Kat: cookie, cookie, cookie... FUCK OFF. Choke on your fucking cookies, you two-dimensional imbecile.
Custard cream GATE (sick of all the gates now). Again, if BB showed us who took them, we could pick a side and invest some of ourselves in the row. As it was, it's just annoying. Luke was fucking me off too. Why is he having a go at Rachel for being 'nice'. People who are fake nice ARE annoying but Rachel just seems dull nice, like a goody two shoes, but that's OK. I don't think there's a hidden agenda there.
Sylvia vs Stuart in the diary room was cringy. Sylvia is TOO full-on. Her little attention-fest was pathetic. Jennifer dropping the bomb was poetic justice. Judging by the misty-eyed look on Sylvia's face minutes later, she hadn't got the hint.
Mikey's comedy was bloody awful and the opposite of funny, but does everyone have to be so sour and disgusted all the time? They are young people, when did they get so uptight?
Things I don't want to look at anymore: Jen's teeth.

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