Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Big Brother 9: Instrumental!

If like me, you peruse the digital spy messageboards for a bit of extracurricular BB goss, you'll know by now Alex has been ejected from the house (for threats to kill!) I'm only sorry she wasn't ejected from the planet, the thick cunt.
'You'll have my friends and family to answer to.' she told Mo. No he won't, you stupid fucker. But YOU'LL have the whole nation to answer to, so good luck, darling. Charley got a slap off someone, Grace got scarred for life, hopefully you'll get an upgrade on the pair of them. You're a disgrace to HUMANITY. I'm glad Mohamed stood up to her, as much as he could. She's actually made him seem quite interesting and a sympathetic character. You cannot argue with her, it's impossible. As if Alex would look up to him under any circumstances.
'How can I intimidate a grown man?' Easily. You're a menace.
Alexandra lying like Cleopatra in the bathroom! Don't awake the beast!
The moral of the story is: wearing a skirt- bad. Threatening to kill- perfectly acceptable. That's OK then.
I liked the Japanese task. I like karaoke and the decor and stuff. They should have made them do a Takeshi's Castle-style obstacle course. I liked Rebecca's stupid singing just because it was a bit of light relief. Even Alex made me laugh. At least they made her look like a dick before she went. PS. You don't sing the word 'instrumental'.
Loved Luke taking the mickey out of Mario's 'massive fanbase'. It was done with such style. But we're stuck with old Mazzer for another week and a half! Hey ho.

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coxon le woof said...

The really depressing thing is, her actions will be justified in her eyes by the amount of money she's sure to rake in through interviews and the such like.

She will sadly never learn or see the error of her ways. Never mind Mohamed, it is she who is the disgrace to any group she could be seen to represent. She should be emabarressed and ashamed of her actions, opinions and manners. Such a vile, hypocritical human being.