Sunday, 22 June 2008

Big Brother 9: Land of Luxury

More petty squabbles about food... dullsville! Jennifer: sour-faced bint. Rex wasn't being territorial about the girls. He was just making conversation. Sylvia: Mikey is blind, not deaf, don't tell him he didn't hear something when he did. It's also not eavesdropping when you overhear something unintentionally.
The only reason Sylvia was down was cos beardy gave her the brush off. Nothing to do with her boyfriend. I was impressed she admitted she didn't actually know herself. How awful, I can't imagine what that must feel like. No wonder she's all over the place. I notice she go back into bed with beardy again though, so the guilt was obviously quite fleeting.
Probably the worst BB so far this series. I felt like Mohamed looked watching it. Oh, but the top trumps with food labels was inspired, I wonder who came up with that?
NB. I am, however, enjoying Diary Room Uncut, they actually show the housemates having fun and larking about on that and you get to see some of the characters they almost never show. I enjoyed Darnell and Dennis swapping clothes especially.

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