Sunday, 8 June 2008

Big Brother 9: Knickergate

Ok so the wedding twist was alright at first, but it just became all consuming, to the detriment of actually getting to know the housemates individually. I understand why BB wants to engineer storylines, but really the people are the storyline.
Kat- ANNOYING! How can she be one of the favourites? I swear she was putting it on a bit in the diary room.
Poor gormless Dale: You could almost see the birds twittering round his head when Sylvia was talking about escaping from the war. He was probably thinking 'Boobies!' That conversation was WAY over the head of the average Big Brother contestant; Alexandra for example, seemed to think having a sore throat was a human rights issue.
The hen party was horrific. What were they all screaming about? I was praying Rebecca wouldn't strip. Why does Michael shout all the time? I'd need earplugs in that house.
Knickergate was ridiculous: it was a stupid thing to do, but it's a pair of knickers for God's sake, they could only cost about a fiver max. Alexandra was unbelievably horrible: and she's got a daughter? She's a disgrace to humanity. I'm glad Mikey took down her name at the end. She is a piece of work, I think she's actually LESS charmless than last years rent-a-rude-girl Charley. Mikey should not be given special treatment because he's blind if he's being a wanker, but he wasn't really.
I was DESPERATE for someone to stand up for him at the end, but the sheep refused to bite. Rubbish!
Oh Alexandra... you're heading doorwardly ASAP. And not soon enough, you absolute cunt.

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