Thursday, 12 June 2008

Big Brother 9: Damaged Goods

Many years ago my best mate and me texted the big brother live feed thing saying the should give the housemates electric shocks in their beds to wake them up when we were bored in the early hours. Today that dream came true!
It was BRILLIANT watching the BB contestants getting zapped (seemingly up the arse) for the task. Are Big Brother actually allowed to electrocute them? Is there a health and safety issue there? Oh who cares, it was hilarious. And how funny that Alex was the first to crack. Remember I told you. Pathetic. Loving Rex. 'Rex is a bully and dictatorish...' Alex is projecting bigger than the fucking IMax screen.
If I was trying to do that task and everyone was sticking their oar in I'd have freaked. No wonder they lost. Too many cooks! I would deffo have shocked them one more time for luck at the end. Morons!
Dale punching the bed... aggressive. Kick him out. I can't stand aggressive men. It's intimidating. He's only aggressive because he's utterly inarticulate. Poor Dale can't stuff his face. Boo hoo.
There's such a bad atmosphere in the house at the mo, it's a bit depressing. I want a bit of fun and silliness, and a bit of romance, like real romance, not that fake shit between Dale and Cheryl Tweenie. All the regional accents are really grating too. (racist!)
Dennis crying in the ashtray whilst Alex barked like a dog must have been a great comfort to him.
Sylvia and Luke reminiscing about food was a moment of lightness. But it was literally one moment.
Alex: please grow up. Someone using your cigarette lighter is not a violation. We can see you're hurting but you can't heal yourself by ripping up everyone else.

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