Friday, 13 June 2008

Coronation Street vs Eastenders (both shit this week)

I know Eastenders was earlier in the week, but certain things need to be said. How can I not comment on the giant picture of HIMSELF that Christian had on the wall of his flat? Brilliantly narcissistic. Who does he think he is, Peter and Jordan combined?
Charlie trying to get with that woman was gross: that woman looked way too old for him, even older than Peggy. Also, when will the get rid of Stacey's mum? She is to my viewing pleasure what Alex is to my enjoyment of Big Brother. A big, fat ANNOYANCE.
Mad May is alright. Dawn's boyfriend makes me feel physically sick, especially when they try and sell him as a hunk. He looks like something you'd find under the bridge.
Also shit: Bradley and his boss/ Chelsea and her coke. Drugs are bad! We get it. And what was with Lucy's boyfriend? I couldn't work out if he was grubby or just very stubbly. Either way, who'd want to shag Lucy Beale? She's the female David Platt.
Which brings us onto Corrie. The writers are clearly drunk. How stupid is the storyline where Steve slept with Becky? Steve is besotted with Michelle, that would never have happened. Plus, do we have to see quite so much of Steve with his shirt off? I've just eaten.
Also, the whole precursor to that with the bookie knob-head in the cellar was a load of old rubbish too. I think the writers have gone on holiday and just left Carla's bloke with the poppy-out eye in charge of the scripts.
Sigh! Still at least we have the real life soap Big Brother to fill the hole.

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