Monday, 16 June 2008

Big Brother 9: Crisps! *excited*

Poor Mohamed, every time he puts food in his mouth, he's treated like a pariah. Alex's bathroom rant was SHAMELESS, can't believe she didn't shut it when Mohamed came in with the towels. She's unstoppable.
Make up horrors: Lisa's brown lipstick. I liked Mario dissing it, it reminds me of every relationship I've ever had. Men don't appreciate a garish lipstick, the fools. Jennifer: went to the Mikey-school of putting mascara on.
Crisp task! Wor-chester sauce! Hehe. Mmm, crisps. I couldn't stop myself eating them! Mario: 'can I just make a suggestion?' equals 'You'd better do this or else.'
Jennifer: crisp hater! If you hate crisps, you hate life. Damn you to hell, you don't deserve to live on this planet. Begone!
Oh dear: Tissue-gate! Mikey, Mikey, Mikey. Haha that was quite funny when he dropped his tissue in. Gross. Even I may have been deterred at that point. Also, how did Big Brother decide the results of the task? Did they have to relick them? I demand to know.
I can see why Dennis was annoyed at Sylvia, she did sell him out a bit the other night. She could have ingratiated herself with both sides without dragging Dennis's name into it.
Forehead watch: Rachel vs Alex- both giving Mario's buddy Ant McSixhead a run for his money. So what if someone called Rachel Mother Teresa? It's better than being called Satan, innit. It might have helped us as a viewer if they'd actually shown us who'd said it. (I'm guessing Alex)
The table meeting was dull as fuck- Alex: 'I'll say it to your face' equals 'I'm a rude fucker.' Mario cliche generator: 'you need to earn respect.' Zzzzz. They came across like a bunch of pathetic school kids.
So I guess the friendship is over between Sylvia and Alexandra. What a shame. But can Sylvia be redeemed in our eyes? I think it will take time for her to prove herself again.
Quote of the night goes to Luke in the Diary Room: 'if I was going to say something about someone I'd say it in here, behind their back.'
Loved BB thwarting Mario's attempts to get it on, they spoke for a nation in putting a stop to those shenanigans. 'Rocking off to sleep'! Is that what the old folk call it these days? Blergh!


Sheesh Kabeesh said...

Luke is a star

* (asterisk) said...

I saw about five minutes of this this morning. The lipstick was horrendous. And the mascara... What the hell was she doing?!