Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Big Brother 9: Ever-Ready

'You'll never be ready.'
And after knickergate came chipgate. When is Alexandra going to be thrown into the BB prison (or better still thrown out on her ear)? The rage inside me as she ranted on and on- I haven't felt this way since Jade/Charley. I've never seen anything so offensive in my life. I don't know what annoys me more: the fact BB do bugger all about it, or the fact no one dared stand up to her. The men in particular proved themselves to be pathetic, swineless spines and should be ashamed of themselves. This is the face of the kind of person who would look the other way as you got stabbed on the tube. We have a house full of people like that. Alex is the classic school bully and a complete and utter CUNT and one day I hope she learns to read and reads this. I don't care if it's twenty years from now, you'll still be a fucking stupid, boorish, ignorant, ugly, nasty, pathetic piece of shit. The world would genuinely be a better place without you.
So at least we should give Steph a bit of credit for trying, even if she did get called 'thick' and 'simple' for her troubles. Can you imagine if someone called Alex that? Please, just imagine for a minute. The irony is, all they need to to is do it. All they need to do it tell her to go fuck herself and she's lamp them and then be removed. Problem solved.
Other observations: Mario and Lisa (dressed as a stick of rock) in the diary room- gross. What an exhibition. All that was missing was the tripod. Sylvia: has been utterly dragged down by Alex. There's one idiot limpet every year and she's decided it should be her. Shame. Dennis- vile. Dale and Jennifer's love affair: officially less sexy than watching paint dry, although he did manage one entire sentence today (he struggled a bit though). Darnell telling Mikey he wasn't a nice person just because he was blind- hehe.
There definitely aren't enough likeable people in the house... or in the absence of likable, funny would do. I'm almost hating everyone, even Luke. I like Rachel but dear God, please get a grip. All it would take is three of you to stick together and dethrone Alex from her cunt-stump.
i know it's gonna happen someday... but I wish it was sooner rather than later.

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Sheesh Kabeesh said...

I thought Dale's explanation of the basics of body language was informative and enlightening. This is a welcoming 'open' position, this is a 'closed' one.Once he wins, as surely he must - because he is vacant, attractive and male, a job as a Big Brother psychologist is his for the taking.
As for Alex - you said it perfectly