Sunday, 15 June 2008

Film Review: Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay

I'd been dying to see this as I loved Harold and Kumar Get The Munchies (or Harold and Kumar go to White Castle, as it was called in the US), a film solely about them getting stoned and going to buy a burger. And of course the premise of them escaping from Guantanamo was amusingly offensive, although actually it turned out to be a little confused.
I liked the fact that this film began right where the original ended, despite the fact Kumar looked like he'd put on two stone, and they both looked like they'd aged, well, about two years. The whole bong/ bomb premise was pretty funny, but they weren't actually IN Guantanamo for very long, were they? That security wasn't all it was cracked up to be. I found the detective guy sort of annoying but he was funny at times. The racial stereotypes that were parodied in the film was done cleverly, I enjoyed the basketball playing orthodontist.
There seemed rather more toilet humour in this sequel than the first film, and there is definitely a degree of sexism (the fanny party springs to mind) but they get away with it because they are just utterly likeable anti-heroes. I really liked the scene where they were younger and in the library- Harold looked hot as an emo-kid.
I thought it got slightly over-ridiculous when they went to that redneck's house and he lived in some slickly furnished place, but had a cyclops child in the basement (what?!)
I enjoyed the Doogie Howser unicorn bit, though. The end was ridiculously stupid (George Bush) and made me LONG to go to Amsterdam again!
I must admit, this wasn't as funny as the original film, and seemed directly ripped off from it in places, but really, it was just nice to have them back again.

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