Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Big Brother 9: Free Mandela (Do Not Pass Go)

Luke! I'm sick of you. Maybe Kat is annoying but maybe she just is nice as well. Maybe Rachel just is too. I like Rex and Mohamed. I'd rather be stuck in prison with them than any of the others. It's every man for themselves in that house.
Poor Mo, he's definitely depressed. I loved Rex's poor attempt at comforting him. Banged up with a crying man. Never good. I can't believe BB kept them in prison that long. Cruel! Battery-farmed housemates.
What modelling agency did Jen go to? Was it a specialist agency for people who were too poor to get braces when they were kids? She looked like that woman off 10 Years Younger in that stupid outfit. If that's sexy God help humankind. Her friendship with Sylvia is so disingenuous that if you breathed on it, it'd crumble.
That was interesting that Rachel said about getting friction burn on her thighs, because Rebecca went in the diary room and moaned about that the other day! I get that too. It's the fat person's curse. But fuck diets, that's what they invented leggings for *eats crispy strips*. They were mean not letting Rebecca do the task. What she lacks in physique, she makes up for in enthusiasm. Mario completely unbiasedly appointed Lisa as the make-up girl. Well if everyone wants to look like a red indian, it was the perfect choice. Love Darnell standing up for Becky. They are the misfits of the house.
Rex vs Dale: Rex made Dale look pathetic, which he is. But fair play to Dale for apologising (and having a sneaky feel of Rex's willy- he's not helping those bi rumours, is he?)
Rachel is SUCH a girl scout. What a fuss she made about that injury. Rebecca's hiding under the bed was funny.
Nominations chat! Stupidio! Dennis is such a dolt. Sylvia: you are going home, and the water thing has been done. See ya.
Tonights 'shut the fuck up' award goes jointly to Mario and Jen- what a pair of cunts. Risk assess my middle finger, Mario.

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