Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Big Brother 9: Veins Everywhere

Mario, you are not allowed to say last in, first out! Naughty.
Dale... there's a reason Rex talks to you like you're stupid. I'll give you an hour to work it out. Good luck!
Jennifer is soooo prim. 'Mikey washed his 'area'- can she not even say WILLY? I wish she'd get over it. She's not that saintly.
Query: why does Mikey want the light off at night?
Mohamed and his three breakfasts! I wonder what he had? Why does everyone hate him SO MUCH, he seems harmless. I mean eating too much isn't as offensive as half the things said and done in there. I've got half an idea... *cough* (racists).
Mikey, Mikey, Mikey. If only he was in any way likeable. But he's so annoying and unpleasant.
Rachel was right about Luke: he does go from group to group shit-stirring, I spotted that a while back. I like her, I wish they'd show her more. Still a wasted vote though.
Mario and Lisa's excercise sessions are SO weird. It's utterly unnatural to enjoy doing those weird things they do. I was pleased Mario didn't get loads of votes this week though.
Rex slightly hypocritical to vote Sylvia for for flirting when she has a boyfriend, as he did the same thing with Steph. I still like him though. He's my fave (except when he wears that Claire's Accessories style hoodie).
Dale has got a lovely turn of phrase: 'Rex talking with his dick out.' He's obsessed with dick. I loved the fact Rex was lying there. Dale is so thick he doesn't recognise faces now, and he's only got about 15 to remember in there. What a tool.
Loved Darnell tearing a strip off Luke. Luke looked well and truly exposed. He obviously thought the housemates were too thick to see it, so I'm pleased that at least a couple of people are onto him. But he's still good value.
I enjoyed Rex and Mohamed getting sent to jail like the hoodie thugs they are. Hehe.
Sylvia: subtle as a brick. Stuart: he should learn how to say 'NO'. I could probably think of something more boring than Sylvia's whispering campaign, but it doesn't exist on this earth. I literally zoned out for ten minutes. It's like hearing a chav slagging off her boyfriend on her mobile on the bus. Poor Stuart! Why don't I feel sorry for him!
Nice to see the two black people are up. Good old BB. If you're a girl, black, or even mildly mouthy- see ya. Whilst the moronic teens keep Dale in cos he's fit, innit! And then we get stuck with retard Ken and Barbie and fucking CookieCunt for three months.
Things I don't want to look at anymore: Jen's ratty hair extensions.

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