Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Big Brother 9: Cookiegasm

Cookiegasms are gross. Is there crack in those cookies? Kat is uber-annoying. BUT I too like those big, squidgy cookies. Yum. But really, Kat you've had enough cookies.
The editing was poor tonight! I couldn't work out how half the arguments started. They got through the meeting unscathed though which I was surprised at. It made me laugh when Mario was talking about trip hazards. The expression 'trip hazard' pretty much makes my day. He pulled out the old Mikey card again, too! He's shameless.
Now I want to discuss the rules being broken. On launch night Davina clearly said smokers could only smoke in the designated smoking area with their feet inside the ashtray. I have seen them smoking with their feet OUTSIDE the ashtray, and I've witnessed Rex walking off smoking! When are they going to be jailed? BAD Big Brother. Jail them!
Actually, don't jail Rex cos he actually stood up to Alex and called her a hypocrite.
I didn't like that row between Darnell and Jennifer, despite not knowing how it started. I don't like either of them and I especially didn't like him punching the air as if he was going to punch her, there was something threatening about that which made me feel quite uncomfortable.
Dennis: idiot. Mario: idiot. Moaning about two girls in their underwear is a bit rich when he's lying there in his underpants. Dick.
Jennifer- no self worth. She shouldn't be ashamed of that body: she's got a good figure. No one should make her feel bad about it. But how weird that Alex was suddenly kind and sympathetic? I didn't like that! I want my villains black and white please. The grey areas are unsettling.


* (asterisk) said...

Cookiegasms? Is someone wanking into the cookie dough? Ew.

Anonymous said...

My housemate pointed out Mario being a hypocrite too, brandishing that girl slutty while laying there in his pants.

I was more bothered by the unnecessary camera close-ups of his arse-flexing. Oh, and also his insult to Stephanie in the middle of it all: "Shut up, HEMORRHOID" - worst.insult.ever.

You want your villains black and white? With that air-punching your request might have been fulfilled.