Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Big Brother 9: Paranoid Picnic

Nomination stations! I wish we could have seen them all. Lisa's was funny, 'maybe Jennifer is a bit jealous of me.' It's fairly unlikely, Lisa, you look like Xena the Warrior Princess thirty HARD years later. I was surprised a how FEW people voted Alexandra. Surely she should have had a clean sweep? Luke nominating Mario for patronising Mikey was perfect. I couldn't have put it better myself.
Dale: so thick he needs subtitles. He does have a bit of Jamie Oliver mouth disease, doesn't he? Like, like, like, like, like.
Why was Alex so annoyed about Mo dressing up as a woman? It was only a bit of fun, narky cow. He looked quite nice really. Mo's diary room conversation being broadcast over the loudspeaker was no technical hitch, that's classic BB trying to fuck with them. I half love it, half think it's pure evil. It's Mo's birthday! Give him a break. Him not being able to get his bra off was pure comedy.
Alex's 'we as Muslims' rant was PURE HYPOCRISY. She did not have a leg to stand on. DICKHEAD! Fuck off.
Quote of the night: Mo: 'If I want to cross dress, I will cross dress!' I like him, you know. He's alright. He kept that eyeshadow on a fair while, didn't he? Good on him, nothing wrong with a bit of harmless androgyny.
Alex- burn baby burn! You donkey.
At least it will be a good eviction this week between Alex and Mario. I really wish we could kick the pair of them out tomorrow.


* (asterisk) said...

That Alexandra is a knob, bringing Islam into it. Fuck off, you skanky cunt. (Not you; her.)

Yes, it seems I'm being reeled in like a big fucking fish... Bugger.

lightupvirginmary said...

hurrah, more blog hits for me then. :-)