Thursday, 19 June 2008

Big Brother 9: So Solid Strong

Remember I told you! I love the fact that during Alex's tirade, no one even reacted to it in the slightest, except Darnell who thought she meant music hook-ups rather than gangsters. But she was a million percent threatening! Rex is right: the room did go cold when she walked in, nasty cunt. I'm too scared to blog now in case she gets her homies onto me! She's gonna pop a cap in my ass! Eek!
Rebecca's 5am half-asleep singing was pretty funny. Why was Darnell still up then?! Hardcore! I liked what he said about Rebecca seeming like trouble at first. I agree, she seems to have calmed down. I would like to have seen more of Rex singing!
Rachel: would you stand there whilst Alex calls you stupid? Because I wouldn't. Even so, Lisa was wrong to slag off Rachel. 'Obnoxiously nice' said Luke, and 'deluded' said the perfectly sane Mario. I know who I'd rather be stuck in a lift with.
I thought it was weird when Mario didn't want to talk about his kids, it's slightly unnatural. They probably don't like him either.
Kat: now totally fast-forwardable.
Dale: officially duller than the block of wood he smashed. That ridiculous drum roll was funny though. That wood looked like it was born to fall apart.
I loved it when Big Brother read her statement back to Alex, especially 'so solid strong' and 'remember I told you'. Big Brother didn't do context; it just read it as is. 'Isn't that a bit incriminating?' said Alexandra. And the answer was: yes. Bye bye. She wasn't sorry. She was just angry. She never crumbled, did she? No tears for Alex. Just anger. What a sad life. She wasn't born like that. Someone made her that way. I hope they are sorry.
Other thoughts: Luke loved reading that card out. Mario trying to look impassive after he found out he was safe. Michael spelt our P-R-I-C-K. Why?
So that's that. And yes the BB producers are culpable for putting such a damaged person as Alex in. But they stopped caring long ago.

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