Friday, 27 June 2008

Big Brother 9: There Was No Day 14

Sorry I didn’t get a chance to blog this last night but it was too late. I was going to skip it all together but there are things that need to be said! Like, what has Rebecca done to her hair, it looks like a fright wig. I still like her though and I liked her being proud of her arse. Its not like Luke has exactly got a body beautiful, is it?
It was a bit naughty when BB told Luke why it had sent Dennis and Darnell to prison, BB of old would never have done such a thing. Good, though. As it was D&D got away with it, because they are a bit cheeky. I thought they were good fun in the prison, a proper odd couple.
I thought the OK Go dance routine was brilliant, it was a feel-good episode of BB. I can think of several series past where they would not have had the discipline to do that. I loved the ‘Oxfam’ clothes as well, I like it when they indie them up. Stuart looked like a gay sailor. Dale did look smouldering with smoky eyeliner (except when his mouth lolls open like a stroke victim) and I loved Rex in his make up and indie gear. I can’t believe he called it stupid whilst wondering round with that tidal wave hairdo and so-designer-he-looks-like-he-got-it-off-the-market hoodie. Sylvia looked good as an indie chick too.
It was nice to see them all getting on, well until the end. I don’t think Sylvia really had designs on Dale, she was only kidding in her own bizarre way (like the joke with Luke… so funny I forgot to laugh!) Jen is so up her own arse! BB, please play Dale’s ‘If there’s any fanny in there, I’m going to nail it’ video. I’d pay good money to see Jen’s face.

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