Friday, 6 June 2008

Big Brother 9: Unhumane

I'm doing a blog as I go along! They are the most fun (for me!) but the worst written (no jokes whatsoever) so I apologise.
Complaint. Why do they have to make us watch so much of what happened yesterday. It's OK for watching some of the micro expressions you missed first time around but that's about it. Such as Luke looking pissed off when a gay man entered the house. And Lisa looking fucked off about Steph touching Mario.
It made me cringe so bad when everyone went 'awww' when Michael entered the house. It's kind of sad the way everyone patronised him, but also mildly lovely too, how they tried to work out how to respond to him. Give it a week and they'll be telling him to go fuck himself.
Sylvia interests me, she doesn't look like a Sylvia. She could be cool or evil. I ge a Makosi vibe from her (eek!) Alexandra is particularly annoying and has a horrible face. She's my most hated! Rachel I think could go far and is pretty. Quite liking Rex but lost respect for him when he showed off his glittery hood. I can't stand vain men. Rebecca might have 'corned beef legs' (Nikki Grahame said this on BBLB) bu at least she's not so anorexic she had to have a tube shoved down her throat and made herself infertile, which is presumably preferable in her warped world. Apart from that, Rebecca IS a fucking dick (and she likes The Enemy- zzzzz)
IT'S DARNELL! (and he is the whitest boy alive)
How suspicious is Steph?! I don't like her already. And I wanted to, I really did. Her bullshitting about Mario was quite impressive though. I think I quite like Mario in a way. He was taking care of Mikey loads and it seemed genuine. I don't know why everyone likes Kat so much, she's a bit annoying, but funny as well. But I could go either way on her. (How did she get lost in the Big Brother house? It's not exactly Labyrinth is it?)
Mohamed: 'Is Lisa a woman?' Hahahaha.
I wouldn't want to sleep with a snoring Mario either. Unless it was Super Mario. And even then, I'd rather do Toad. (as if, Toad is totally gay)

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