Saturday, 28 June 2008

Big Brother 9: Aftermath

Best pics ever! Sylvia: 'Dennis was only trying to help.' I often find spitting on someone's face can resolve a sticky situation, don't you? In fact, that was the first trick they taught us in counselling school. Jen and Sylvia crying was absolutely hysterical. Jen thinks she's untouchable now. Little does she know.
Luke: 'The public will kick out Mo tonight, Dennis was just trying to diffuse the situation.' Luke: you hitched your bandwagon to a poisoned star and now you must pay the price, you nasty little shit. My love affair with you is OVER.
Words cannot explain how much I hate Jen, and how keen I am to see her get her comeuppance. How dare she challenge Darnell about what he did. He did so well just not to rise to it at all. How can they just not acknowledge that Mohamed was ASSAULTED? Spitting on someone is common assault. Darnell: 'When we hit the streets we'll see who the vile people are.' Correct. Loved Darnell calling Sylvia and Jen unexciting in front of Dale.
Jen: 'Dennis did whatever came natural.' It's not natural to spit on someone. That takes conscious thought. That would not come naturally EVER to someone of strong moral fibre. And I'm a right rock n' roll rebel and it would never occur to me to do that to my worst enemy.
Loved BB telling Stuart and Dale that Rex had already apologised. Dealt with! Dale: you're thick as shit. I've seen more intelligent Hollyoaks plots (I haven't really... as if I'd watch that bollocks)
Love Mario again now. Except his nominations talk which was exceedingly stupid. When will they learn!!!
Watching Dale in his pink scunt straightening Luke's hair was the antithesis of sexy. I like men hairy, dirty and scruffy. Oh my God, then Dale put on a cravat for the eviction. Awful fashion sense does not take the place of IQ, gormy.
Kat annoyed me telling Rex off for being arrogant. Better arrogant than fake and utterly one-dimensional.
Other thoughts: The song Cookie Love is oddly addictive. Why was Lisa shaving her 'tache? And who enjoyed the chocolate earhole licking more, Becks or Luke?


Shep said...

"I like men hairy, dirty and scruffy."

Sweetheart, this could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship...

lightupvirginmary said...

Not if you call me 'sweetheart' it won't..! ;-)

Shep said...

How about Sody Pop?

Pussy Cat?

Angel Drawers?

Twinkle Tits??