Thursday, 18 January 2007

Celebrity Big Brother 2007: Good Vs Evil

This has become less a blog about a TV show and more a political commentary. Which I really can't be arsed with as I have a head cold. But anyway. I watched the statement by the C4 grubby guy today saying 'let the public decide between Jade and Shilpa.' So they're taking cash from us rather than doing what they should have done a week ago? Carphone Warehouse have stopped sponsoring Big Brother. The Perfume Shop has stopped selling Jade's perfume.
The majority of this is down to the producers. If they'd showed clips of the racism to Shilpa, it would have stopped. If they'd chucked the perpertrators out three days ago, it would have stopped. If Cleo, Dirk, Jermaine or H/Ian had stood up and just said 'stop': it would have stopped.
Instead Big Brother has hinted on the sly that trouble may be afoot for the three bitches so they are furiously back-tracking (I wrote back-packing first- not sure why). This cheats us as viewers also: I want to see Jade's face when she comes out to a public lynching. I want to see her go squealing down the street being chased by yokels with pitch-forks and flaming torches.
Jade's 'poppadom' comment is CLEARLY RACIST. If you don't believe it is, go to work tomorrow, find the most senior Asian in the business, and call him/her Mr/Ms Poppadom. It's called gross misconduct. It's vile. It shouldn't be allowed. C4 are saying it's OK.
Earlier this evening I saw a blatantly staged bit of live feed where Jade apologised to Shilpa (after Big Brother told her to). Wow, that's me fooled! Fish my Jade perfume out the bin! Sign me up for a subscription of OK! All is forgiven! For fucks sake! We're not RETARDS!
Or are we? I still can't believe how many Jade-apologists there are out there. It is truly terrifying.
One things for sure, if Jade survives the vote tomorrow, I will stop watching. A vote for Jade is a vote for the BNP. Don't mug yourself, Britain.

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you are fucking crazy!