Monday, 8 January 2007

Celebrity Big Brother 2007: Skidaddle

So Ken skidaddled. And who can blame him? Although Jade was actually in the right during that argument, Ken was playing up to it. I do feel sorry for Jade: a mute boyfriend, the mother from hell. Her grandparents were alright though, if completely pointless. I wouldn't care about Morrissey's grandparents, so why should I give a shit about Jade's? It was cute when they were in the diary room though, I bet Jade couldn't have envisaged that three years ago. She's clearly struggling though. She needs some emotional support.
Even so, she's ruined the show, so burn her!
Leo's slating of the older Goodys for being common was horrible; his gameplan is unravelling as fast as his wig. Dirk is proving to be the dark horse, I'd feel comfortable putting a fiver on him if it wasn't for those meddling kids (the Big Brother producers). I also like Cleo, but we haven't really got to know her. We haven't really got to know anyone, thanks to the rubbish task. Apparently BB has lost 4 million viewers. I'm not surprised.
Put them back together. Let the sparks fly.
PS. Are Jade and her boyfriend even shagging? They don't even seem to know each other very well, or like each other. There's no passion, or laughing, or flirting, or arguing, or even conversation.
Pretty boys are alright for a while, but if he's got nothing upstairs, what's the point? I wonder what's in it for him, sitting on telly with three generations of Goodys. Where will he be this time next year? I wouldn't put any money on him joining the clan. In fact, I think he might take his blood money very soon... and run.

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