Wednesday, 10 January 2007

Celebrity Big Brother: The Guantanamo Bay Edition

The breakdown of Leo Sayer has been hilarious. From day one when he declared he could 'light up a room' I knew that we were in for trouble. Then all my suspicions were confirmed when he turned out to be a rather unpleasant little man, complaining of the rise of non-entity celebs whilst living in the home of those that created the cult. Comparing the Big Brother experience to being in Guantanamo Bay seems a slight over-exagerration. Next thing you know he'll be crying 'concentration camp' cos he's run out of hairspray.
It also turns out he's extremely crude, talking of being horny, wanking and finally inviting Big Brother to 'look at his dick'. Lovely! His contract must have been water-tight as he sloped out of the room like a little mouse after reading it. He is making the show at the moment though, and long may he stay and be annoyed by EVERYTHING.
I think Big Brother begrudgingly listened to the voices of dissent online as last nights show was quite Goody-free. I really enjoyed the 'romance' (invented and stirred up beautifully by Carol) between Dirk and Shilpa, who are both classy people in a house full of morons and egos. Dirk is very funny and cool, and says it like it is. He's definitely my pick to win.
As for the Goodys, it's a shame Jack will be leaving tonight and not Jackiey. Now there's one person I really would like to send to Guantanamo bay. Seriously, I'd swap her for a genuine terrorist (if there's one there- which I doubt).

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