Saturday, 20 January 2007

Celebrity Big Brother 2007: Lowlights

Saturday night showings of Big Brother are always something of an anti-climax. With the eviction over, they show a lot of stuff you've already seen, and a lot of other stuff that already feels miles out of date. The Saturday night live task used to liven things up a little, but I think I may be showing my age here.
So was Jack the Plank upset that Gobby had gone? It was hard to tell from his facial expression, as it has remained unchanged since day one. Danielle and Jo were upset, but only for their own skins, as it is becoming ever more obvious who's side the public are on. Did I feel sorry for Jade? Of course not. She'll rise from the ashes, because however stupid and coarse she is, there's aways someone stupider and coarser who will want to be her.
Shilpa continues to grow in strength like an impossibly good-looking cartoon character, air-brushed to perfection. Her shit is probably made of gold. What hope do the others have up against her? Cleo's death mask is definitely cracking.
Where do we go from here? Household harmony? Will we be missing Jade by Tuesday? Surely not.

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