Saturday, 27 January 2007

Celebrity Big Brother 2007: Final Eve

Big Brother should have ended on Friday really. These last two days feel like no mans land. Danielle was crying for herself? No kidding. She even admitted it. Jack's hugging of her looked more authentic than of Jade, but then she always did seem a bit frosty towards him.
Dirk looked happy to stay and even admitted it would be 'kinda cool' to win it. He's done more than Jermaine and Shilpa, who have played it well but safe.
Tomorrow should be interesting. How will they cram in SIX interviews? Jack's will only take 30 seconds admittedly. They didn't even show his wank on the highlights!
Six bottles of beer on the wall, six bottles of beer... oh, it's all very tiring and slightly inconsequential. Hey ho.

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