Sunday, 14 January 2007

Celebrity Big Brother 2007: I Want You Back

So Big Brother decided to inject some fun into proceedings by making the monkeys dance. And it worked. Jack went from skinny-and-good-looking-mainly-mute-yet-possible-racist to anorexic-retard-in-a-bin-liner. His singing was sterling. What an impression he's made on the world, he swears, he wanks, he looks crap in make-up.
I was pleased to see everyone having a laff but as usual Big Brother writes the script. The amount of airtime they gave to the rehearsals and songs showed nothing else happened all day.
And as such I have nothing to write about! Doh!
Although I will say this as an aside: BBLB- the format is much improved, lots of guests and interviews is what we want. Dave Gorman calling Jackiey a borderline racist was right on the money. Dermot: may you go straight to hell for defending her.

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