Friday, 5 January 2007

Eastenders: The Mr Byrite Week

Does Mr Byrite even exist anymore? I'm sure it doesn't. Anyway. Only Eastenders could drag out Pauline's funeral for one WHOLE week.
People wearing the same suit AND tie: Martin, Joe, Parklife guy, Gary, Jim, Ian. At least mix it up a little. We have short attention spans, but not that much.
Martin's acting. Nothing can match it. He cries. He shouts. He makes everyone laugh unintentionally. I can just see him in a few years time, our very own Guy Pearce, mixing it up in Hollywood, Lindsay Lohan hanging from his arm. In the meantime he has to put up with Sonia. But Sonia too, shall have her day in the USA. She may be the girl to tame Clooney. Time will tell. You read it here first.

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