Wednesday, 24 January 2007

Celebrity Big Brother 2007: Ian's £10 donation to Charity

Why is the last mile the hardest mile? People are making bad choices at the last minute. Shilpa nominated Dirk instead of her real enemies. Ian inexplicably got votes BEFORE his £10 to charity stunt. There's altruistic and just plain whack.
On the other end of the cunt-scale we have Jo who enjoys taunting Dirk. Not a good thing to admit at this stage of proceedings. I can't even remember who's up for eviction; a variety of people whom Big Brother have decreed suitable, some goodies, some baddies. Jack 'what does unappealing mean?' (answer, your girlfriend) and Danielle 'I washed up once two weeks ago.' have both got golden tickets to the final. How can this be just? It aint.
We saw another side to Jermaine tonight, a side determined to get his showgirl shoes. The intensity in his eyes was real. And why not? Did Dirk deliberately fuck it up for Jo? I'd say so.
CAN Dirk win despite his depression now Shilpa's teflon is flaking at the edges? Will Jermaine take the cup home to Jermajesty? Or will Ian, whom despite impressive fence-sitting skills still managed to get up people's noses, sneak away with it?
Stay tuned to find aht!

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