Saturday, 13 January 2007

Celebrity Big Brother 2007: Exit Leo

Leo's escape was one of the funniest things I've seen on TV. This angry little man, wrenching a lock off a door and taking on two burly bouncers: genius. Unfortunately for us, this means a Leo-less house. Davina came across as a prize cunt taking the piss out of him, he was a truly entertaining housemate, giving us 90% of the true belly laughs in the house. His snobbery about nominations was amazing as well, what a legend. His loss is going to be enormous, and Big Brother needs to engineer a bit fat shake up to bring anything resembling fun back to the show.
Carole going was a suprise to no one, and I was pleased to see the back of her after her snitching up of Shilpa when she found herself in the nominations firing line. Let's see how loyal she stays to Danielle et al now she has a newspaper editor on her back. I shant hold my breath.
The rise and rise of Jade in the house is disappointing to watch. All the females (bar Shilpa) are grovelling round her like she's the second coming (which she is, I suppose). Her attack on Dirk over the whisky was horrible, and I don't blame him for pouring it out. I'd have poured it over her fat froggy face. I hope she gets a big wake up call when she leaves. Unfortunately, (she shares Davina's agent for fuck's sake!) I don't think she will.
I've watched back the bit about Jack and I can't work out if he said 'paki'. I'd err more towards the side of yes he did, but I can't say for certain. If he did, and BB are letting it slide, shame on them.
Shame on them anyway for fucking everything up. They'd better pull their socks up come summer.

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