Sunday, 7 January 2007

Celebrity Big Brother 2007: Oh Mother

Big Brother has well and truly hit the skids. Ken has now walked. Tonights show was a big, unhappy mess. True, it was entertaining at times. But God. Jade's family has taken over the show (except the mute boyfriend, of course). Jade's mum is the scummiest person on Earth, let's be honest. Her non-remembering of Shilpa's name is pathetic. She is agressive and an ugly person. I felt for Jade, who seems reasonably sensible by comparison. Her questioning of Jermaine about Michael was amazingly good TV. To have no social boundaries makes for interesting telly, but bad living conditions. Really, stupidity is reigning in the BB house at the moment, and anyone with an ounce of sense is just being tied up in knots by the shouty Goodys.
Leo Sayer's vow of silence was amusing. Long may it continue. What a knob-end he is.
The divide has made the show miserable to watch. Just put the two groups back together and let Carol/ Jo/ whoever tear a strip off Jackiey. My God, it feels wrong to spell it like that.

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