Friday, 19 January 2007

Celebrity Big Brother 2007: See ya, wouldn't wanna be ya

Well, what do you know? Davina handled that interview... wait for it... well! Wonders will never cease! She actually gave Jade a hard time! Hurrah!She mentioned the bullying as well as the racism and said 'you only apologised after Big Brother told you to'. Haha!
All the making up stuff on the highlights was clearly engineered and not worth mentioning. We're not THAT stupid, Big Bro.
Personally I feel cheated there was no baying mob, but I guess it could have got out of control. Jade just talked rubbish to try and wiggle out of it, but she did look quite devastated. I'm sure she was only worried for her own skin though. I sincerely hope her career goes down the pan but I'm sure she'll make a few more squid out of it yet. I think she's ignorant rather than truly racist, and lets not forget her hench-women. I hope they get an equal grilling when they leave. I will never forgive them for the laughter when Jade was ripping a strip of Shilpa. Supreme cowardice.
So will Jack the Plank come out of his shell now she's gone? Don't count on it. Let's hope he tries to cop off with Danielle or something. Anything!
Can we get back to normal Big Brother stuff now?
PS. We are watching BBBM and my boyfriend just said 'I think Carole Malone is quite attractive. She has nice eyes.'

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