Tuesday, 16 January 2007

Celebrity Big Brother 2007: Bullies and Morons

Big Brother made me furious tonight. Danielle and Jade are beyond moronic, as Jade's diary room eskimo rambling rubbish illustrated nicely. Unfortunately bimbo only works if you're cute. And even if you are cute, like Danielle, a nasty tongue in your mouth can make you look mighty ugly. But what of the fence-sitters? I felt slightly warmer towards Ian tonight as the divide is clearly affecting him, but also disappointed he still won't stick up for what he believes in. I guess he's just that personality type though, and I shouldn't be angry with him just because he's different to me. Cleo is a different kettle of fish: her inability to see the truth is verging on dangerous.
Danielle: I know I've done nothing wrong.
Jade: I'm telling you this to help you.
Jo: Maybe that's why all indian people are skinny (Jo will regret not distancing herself as Ian has).
You are nasty people. I'm ashamed to be a female of the same age. Shilpa is stupid to not know how to cook a chicken, but she has lackeys to do it for her. Why don't the chavs get off their arses and have a go?
What is the excuse for the girls' ignorance? It's just pack mentality. I liked Danielle the first two days. Jade changed everything.
Jack: what's an envrio? What you have fucking remained, mate, despite 19 years on the clock.
Dermot's Big Brother's Big Brain. Another hatchet job on Shilpa. How stupid do they think we are? The answer is, very. The answer is as stupid as Dermot and Davina.

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