Thursday, 11 January 2007

Celebrity Big Brother 2007: Letting Go

Dirk made a speech tonight, basically encapsulating the age old cliche 'if you love them, let them go'. It was probably the most profound thing I've ever heard in the Big Brother house. Well either that or Leo talking about having a wank.
So Jackiey left. Everyone over-reacted wonderfully except Dirk who said it like it was: 'she was a mean-spirited woman.' Not only that, she lumbered around the house like Quasimodo. Dirk keeps telling it like it is! No wonder he's up for nomination. I lost respect for Cleo when she harped on about how 'amazing' Jackiey was. 'Please tell us she got some shoes!' No they just threw her out on a gravelly street without so much as her bus fare home, you muppet. Carole was more on the the money when she described her as 'sub-normal'.
Please, please, please don't vote Leo out, people! His ramblings about 'Celebrity' with a capital c are amazing. It was a little cruel when they all walked off when he came to sit down. He's like Gollum in a hoodie and a wig. He's a menace to society. Hurrah!
Rather like Jack, my boyfriend hates Shilpa, but I'm still on the side of poise over chavilry. Why DID Jack say he hated Shilpa? Why DID Jade tell him to shut up? Due to the editing machine, we shall probably never know. But I'm guessing 'cos he fancies her' and 'cos of OK magazine.'

*just went on the messageboards and talk is Jack called Shilpa a 'paki'. Would explain Jade's reaction, I suppose. IF he did, Big Brother: please chuck him out. They've already said casual racism is OK with the championing of Jackiey. Let's not encourage it further.

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