Thursday, 25 January 2007

Celebrity Big Brother 2007: Snow Jo-ke

I have found myself really wanting to like Jo, or see a redeeming feature in her at least, but her bullying and insulting of Dirk, a man whom I find it facinating to listen to, unlike her, is just too much. What HAS she got against him? He's grumpy. So's she. He smokes. So does she. The main difference is; he's kind and funny and she's hard-faced and cruel. Her 'fuck off' to Shilpa with the snow was like stamping on a kitten or telling a five year old Christmas is cancelled. What a card. Seriously, in what way does she think that is endearing? You wanna go home Jo? You might not want to come Friday. Feeling a bit uneasy? I know why!
Dirk explaining 'ingenuity' to Danielle was funny. Yes I am ashamed that he sees British girls as illiterate, common and talentless. It's a real shame. But it's Big Brother, not University Challenge. It's not so much a cross-section of society as the dregs from the gutter. Hey ho.
Cleo continues to be cruel and Danielle just spoilt, which is not cute or funny in any way.
Jack gormlessly beating up the ice sculpture just about summed things up. Something pretty: let's shit on it. Dirk looking sadly at the crumbling remains is probably how a lot of people are gonna feel by the weekend.

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