Wednesday, 17 January 2007

Celebrity Big Brother 2007: Your Mother Would Be Proud

Well, well. When Big Brother makes people riot in the streets thousands of miles away, you know something big is going down. Someone posted on digital spy today 'Jade starts World War Three'. It could happen yet.
WHY won't Big Brother kick Jade out? What DOES she have to do? Stick Shilpa's head in the oven? Knock out Jermaine Jackson? Say PAKI? Just fucking say it, you disgusting bitch so we can be rid of you.
JUST KICK HER THE FUCK OUT! Big Brother could have stamped on this days ago. Fair enough give her enough rope to hang herself, but she's got enough rope to rock climb to India (or some other ethnic region of her choice).
Tonights episode literally made me shake with anger. My boyfriend who is less sensitive about these things, merely labelled it 'depressing'. Laughs are most certainly not-aplenty in the house.
On top of this misery/heart-attack fest I watched about thirty minutes of this: tonight, none of which was on the highlights. Truly disturbing viewing. Jade is extremely disturbed. No amount of OK covers can gloss over this extent of damage. She is rotten to the core.
I genuinely cannot think of words harsh enough to describe my hatred for this woman. She is the most horrible, ugly, cretinous, thick, bitter, unpleasant, RACIST, bullying CUNT on the face of this earth. If I saw her in the street, I'd spit on her.
Danielle and Jo are no better. Laughing at a scene which made me feel physically sick will hopefully be their epitaph. What a sick pair. Jack is scum. Cleo is the most pathetic, unsupportive sack-of-shit on earth. Her frozen face offering not one word of encouragement in the face of good vs evil. Shame on her.
Calling in Danielle about her 'Shilpa should go home' comment was too little too late. And the patronising 'have you learnt your lesson?' PLEASE!
Is Big Brother scared of Jade? Everyone else is. Jermaine is. Dirk is. Probably the Tweedy Plank is. This woman is a MOTHER. God HELP US! Come, come nuclear BOMB. Turn your radiators up. Let's melt the fucking ice caps. We're DOOMED!
More than anything, I felt ashamed tonight. Ashamed that Shilpa thinks Jade is ANY reflection on Britain. Britain has a thriving music scene, some great telly, and a few good writers. We have a lot to be proud of. British people are funny, cynical, intelligent. London is the most multi-cultural, open-minded city I know of. I feel proud of that.
Why can't Channel 4 make a stand and kick the four of them out? It would appease so many people. But it's all about the money, isn't it? Never mind the reputation of an entire country, or the sanity of a 31 year old woman.
It's not a 'cultural' thing. It's plain wrong verses right. For fuck's sake. WAKE UP. I'm disgusted by the whole thing. Disgusted, and addicted.

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