Friday, 26 January 2007

Celebrity Big Brother 2007: The Good That Won't Come Out

The British public, populated by chavs and oiks as it is, did the right thing. Despite Cleo's heartbreaking Kenny story (actually, that WAS quite sad) Dirk so determinedly catching a big fish in the relative dryness BB living room swung it for him. Danielle's realisation that her 'best friends' were the unpopular crowd was classic. You're next, honey! I shall point an old school style lottery finger at you and waggle it hard.
How weird would it have been if Jo and DIRK had left to a gaggle of boos? How unfair! Sure Jo needed a bodyguard but that would have been unusual viewing indeed.
Davina's interviews went back to their usual lame territory tonight: Jo's was too short and was like a surly teen being ticked off by a ineffectual cover teacher. She didn't look or say sorry. And why should she? She hadn't been coached by Jade's PR man.
Cleo should have been taken to task a LOT more. Her victimisation of Dirk was gross. Showing her the bit where he dissed her saggy cleavage was a low blow though. Low, but enjoyable. I guess watching clips of her comedy characters dying on their arses one by one was punishment enough. Saying she wanted Jack or Danielle to win and for Davina to say 'Wait until you read the papers!' was silly: like that's gonna change her mind if three weeks locked in a house with them didn't. Dur.
OK: only one more heartfelt aren't-you-naughty style interview to go, then we can get on with crowning the top three, all of whom won't be English, and probably will run away from England as fast as their lickle legs will carry 'em.
And who could resent them for that?

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