Tuesday, 16 January 2007

Celebrity Big Brother 2007: Bones

I really pray that BB has got something BIG up his sleeve to punish the three witches. As Big Brother has finally admitted some responsibility for the borderline racism in the house, it needs to sort things out fast. Jermaine has put his finger on it: now if only he'd step up and make his feelings known to the chavalanche.
Tonight the bullying continued. They don't lift a finger then moan when their dinner isn't served on the hour. No idea why Shilpa chucked bones down the loo (she does border on the eccentric at times) but Jack's suggestion she picked them out with her teeth was plain nasty. Danielle's look of death was truly terrifying, bringing back memories of girls who were good at PE at school and now have three babies- haha. Mind you, this girl has to shag an old man for money, so I should take pity really. Her worrying about getting her tits out on the assault course was a bit like Russell Brand worrying that his hair is a little large whilst presenting Big Mouth. Your tits are your bread and butter, darling! Just make sure you keep your fucking mouth shut when you get out of the house, you spiteful little harridan.
Jo: 'everything she does annoys me'. Is that why you have have that Pat-Butcher-alike-ex-con-chewing-a-wasp look on your face from morning to night? She must smell like an ashtray as well.
All in all: they could drop a nuclear bomb on the house at the moment and the atmosphere would probably improve.

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