Thursday, 5 July 2012

Big Brother 13: Smurf wars

Green and blue equals groo.
Shev sticking the knife in about Adam and Lauren. Poisonous troll. Let them dry hump. It's better than Puke and Ashleigh's wet hump. I do feel it's all going to end in tears for Adam. Sad face.
No use crying over drunk milk, Shev. Why isn't Becky crying and making a scene about being forced to wear that disgusting green onesie? She looks like that mound the Telletubbies live on.
Lauren: 'Shev's getting on my last nerve.' She's nicked that expression from Danielle on BBUSA (Season 3, I believe).
Control of the bathroom: like I could give a shit. Duck off. Sara ruined the task. I hope they're going to mentally torture her like they would if Deana had done that. But of course they won't. You didn't WIN, Conor. You LOST like the little Tim Henman scrotumclot you are. I'm glad Adam had a little dig at him. Come on Adam, get your claws out, show us what you're really made of.
Territorial pissings! I so want to see Caroline go soon. Will anyone ever nominate it?
They've got an outside toilet right? So I wouldn't be bothered about losing the bathroom. You can wash in the sink. I hate having showers anyway, they're an affront to humanity. Having water coming at you at that speed first thing in the morning is like being machine-gunned clean. Baths all the way, please.
I like the fact Sara is sitting on the allotted blue side of the DR chair. What a suck-ass she is. Kaftans?! WTF.
'Fuck off you knob, get a life. 'Who's Arron talking to, a mirror? Is he calling OTHER people moody? He's like the world's sulkiest teenager who's dad's just confiscated his Nintendo DS.
I actually feel sorry for these people, there's so little to them. If they had a braincell it would be lonely. If they had a heart it would be bargaining to be sold via Cash Converters to the Tin Man. Deana isn't getting much of an edit, is she? I don't know if that's a good or bad thing. All this 'save Deana' thing leaves me cold. Deana has been badly wronged in that house but it doesn't make her an interesting housemate. I don't find her in the least bit interesting. So, she had a go at someone earlier this week. Great; but it's not enough, really. I still DO think people should save her (what's the alternative?); but I won't be voting this week. If it was a vote to evict, I would have voted about ten times for Conor. I still think it's disgusting that Deana has no idea what Conor said about her. If I came out and heard that, I'd go and chuck a brick through his window.
Ha, this task looks more like it. Which housemate made this bitchy remark about you? Cue fireworks. ARE they going to play Deana Conor's quote? Go on! Lauren getting called out for 'complaining bitterly' about the lack of ketchup. Hilarious.
They played 'she has a split personality and she's fake' as Conor's quote about Deana. Missing a trick here, aren't we? Look how angry she was about it! Wait until she hears the truth. It's a fucking whitewash. Jokes.
Scott: 'I'm going to max up the bitchiness.' Sweet.
I'm glad Deana called Conor out. Look how smug he looks. I so want to wipe that look off his face. He's unintelligible and unintelligent. Please, please, please let me get what I want.
That green in the main bedroom is too much; snot green. I'd rather be on B Block.
Lauren seems to have issues with fags and food. My boyfriend is going mad about the way Caroline is eating those crisps. He gets really mad at me for eating crisps noisily too, but eating crisps is one of my greatest pleasures; I'm with Caroline on this one.
Why DOES Caroline like Conor so much? What does she see in him? What does he see in her? Why don't they get off with each other if they like each other so much? *covers mind's eye*
Don't say sorry for breaking the rules and getting your team a punishment, will you, Ashleigh, you dimlo? These people have never learnt basic English, let alone basic manners.
Luke: 'this is what hell must be like.' So is the smoking area still communal? This task isn't very hardcore. It's not exactly rich side/poor side is it? I remember Kate Lawler and Spencer Matthews canoodling through those bars. Well, looking at each other.
Lauren pointing out the age difference between her and Adam. A seven year age difference is nothing - grow up. What is Lauren eating? Looks like butter off a knife. I kind of want Lauren and Adam to get together; I like the meeting of the mean streets to Jersey, it would make a good film. Of course, they don't have black people in Jersey; and I'm not casting aspersions; my ex-boyfriend was from there so I'm virtually the tourist board.
I knew Lauren was going to go outside and bitch. Sigh. Get Conor out, etc! 

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JayDee279 - DS said...

"I like the meeting of the mean streets to Jersey, it would make a good film."

It would make an even better TV series ... they could set it in NEW Jersey, and call it The Sopranos :-)

Ker-boom tish!